‘Westworld’ just revealed a major secret about the Man in Black



Welcome to Pariah, where the rules of Westworld go flying out the swinging saloon doors — even the most crucial doctrine, the “Samaritan reflex,” which dictates that hosts can’t truly harm guests. As Logan and William become embroiled in the narratives of the high-level outlaw town, they learn through hard knocks that they aren’t as invulnerable in Westworld as they thought.

The hardest we’ve seen a host fight a guest has been to feebly grab them from behind before getting stabbed in the neck by the Man in Black. But the black hat/white hat duo in Westworld’s fifth episode, “Contrapasso,” are punched in the face and even choked — and these attacks don’t look like stage hits. Logan appears to really need William’s help by the end of the hour (although it’s up for interpretation what’s behind his smile when William ultimately ditches him).  Read more…

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