This footballer’s ecstatic reaction to a goal is a thing of beauty


If anyone ever asks you to gauge your excitement using the popular “on a scale of 1-10” method, just cast your mind back to Rio Ferdinand’s expression in the video above.

Because that is, without a shadow of a doubt, what a 10 looks like.

The object of Ferdinand’s impassioned glee is Manchester United’s equalising goal against Liverpool in last Sunday’s Premier League game.

Ferdinand himself shared the clip on Twitter later that day, where it quickly got over 6000 RTs.

“Hahahaha maybe I got a bit carried away…” wrote the former United player. Read more…

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Governor orders subway train redesign, because he thought it looked like a cricket


Jakarta’s 9.6 million people will soon welcome the city’s first subway train system — but not before the trains get a design overhaul.

The reason? Governors thought the train looked “too much like a cricket.”

The city’s acting governor Sumarsono was reportedly dissatisfied with the insect-like face of the train. 

“When the contractors presented the design, around 90 percent of the people in the meeting said, ‘How did we end up with this design?’ No one remembered approving it,” he was quoted as saying by the Jakarta Globe. Read more…

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A month after delivery boy’s murder, Flipkart launches new SOS feature


Amazon’s India rival, Flipkart, has launched Project Nanjunda, a unique safety initiative for its delivery boys — the backbone of any ecommerce business.

Flipkart field execs, also known as Wishmasters, will now have access to an SOS button on their mobile app. It can work over a normal cellular network without data connectivity, thus making it more viable. Called the Nanjunda Button, it will trigger an alarm to the nearest hub-in-charge in case of an emergency, Flipkart said in a statement. 

The project has been named after the deceased Wishmaster, Nanjunda Swamy, who was murdered by a customer when he delivered the package as he wanted to buy a smartphone but didn’t have any money. In India, you can order an item online and pay for it at the time of delivery. Read more…

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Japan is trying to help clueless tourists figure out their high-tech toilets


There are toilets, and then there are Japanese toilets.

Often more sophisticated than their western counterparts, even public toilets come with various features such as heated  seats, in-built bidets and some even play you music.

Tourists are often unable to understand the many controls, finding going to the toilet more complicated than they thought.

In a bid to make itself more tourist-friendly ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan’s Restroom Industry Association has agreed to create a set of standardised icons, so all tourists will now know their backside wash from their small flush.  Read more…

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India can’t stop talking about this startup CEO’s passionate speech to employees


Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic boss speech to employees as businessman Jordan Belfort in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has got its own real life rendition — and people are not sure if they want such behavior from a CEO just yet. 

A private address to employees by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the outspoken founder of India’s largest mobile wallet app Paytm, has become a talking point in the nation. The usually polite and down-to-earth Sharma was seen pumped on-stage, and to everyone’s surprise, using abusive language to address the competition. Read more…

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