Apple switches from Bing to Google for Siri web search results on iOS and Spotlight on Mac

 Apple is switching the default provider of its web searches from Siri, Search inside iOS (formerly called Spotlight) and Spotlight on the Mac. So, for instance, if Siri falls back to a web search on iOS when you ask it a question, you’re now going to get Google results instead of Bing. Consistency is Apple’s main motivation given for switching the results from Microsoft’s Bing… Read More

Mobile hardware lab Nanoport gets $7 million in seed funding

 Held at Moscone Center in San Francisco earlier this month, Mobile World Congress Americas was a pretty uninspiring show, but a few interesting startups stood out among the rows and rows of mobile companies. Nanoport was among the more interesting exhibits on the floor, offering up an array of different smartphone technologies aimed at rethinking the way we interact with our devices. The… Read More

Tech for good: Filling in the government’s gaps

 While traditional industries can get away with ignoring broader social ills or hot-button political issues, tech companies big and small are increasingly expected to solve the former and speak out on the latter — a position that’s either totally fair or a too-high standard depending on who you ask. If you asked most of the people on stage at Disrupt last week, that expectation is… Read More