This reaction to seeing bad driver receive instant justice is all of us


When people don’t follow the rules of the road, operating a vehicle can be an absolute nightmare with dire consequences. So when drivers witness an offending motorist receive a little bit of instant justice for their actions, it can be incredibly satisfying.

One driver with a dashcam was recently stuck in a bit of traffic when he witnessed another motorist pass the line in a right turn only lane. After turning right, the driver pulled a U-turn, and blew right through a stop sign, skipping the entire line of traffic in the process. The driver failed to notice a cop in the line of cars he just skipped, and he immediately got pulled over. Read more…

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All the anti-Trump stickers in NYC are being documented on this Instagram


Tim Olmstead of New York set out on a hero’s journey of sorts: to document all the anti-Trump stickers in NYC. Trust him. This is no small task. 

Some stickers end up repeating throughout the city, but every day more and more interesting, unique resistance art pops up in the form of stickers. Olmstead is attempting to document them all and sharing it with the world on his Instagram account resistrump

There, he posts each new sticker as he finds them. Olmstead told the Huffington Post, “they’re basically all over the place, anywhere you would normally see street art.” Read more…

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Pet parents are spending like actual parents online


If you’re a proud pup parent, you’re not buying any old pet food. You’re buying the special stuff from a place you trust. 

That’s the dynamic that undergirds the $70 billion pet industry — and has helped ecommerce companies flourish despite big box competitors and the ever-present Amazon.

It also led to the biggest deal in e-commerce history when PetSmart announced its recent $3.4 billion acquisition of, a deal that surprised plenty who didn’t think of our furry friends as much of a tech-business opportunity.

“Maybe it’s because the dogs are so amazing and so cute that people expect the industry to be the same,” says Henrik Werdelin, co-founder of Bark & Co., the company behind the dog toy subscription delivery service Barkbox. Read more…

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Exploring Virtualities, a Utah VR arcade and theater startup taking over a dying mall

 VR theaters and arcades like Virtualities are starting to pop up in warehouses and other empty spaces around the U.S., including Burningham’s startup, located in what used to be a Hot Topic on the second floor of the Gateway Mall on Salt Lake City’s west side. The mall was built specifically to show off the fine dining and retail offerings of Utah as the world came to visit during… Read More

Ja Rule on Fyre Fest: ‘I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT’


Now that the ill-fated Fyre Festival is officially cancelled until further notice, the event’s organizers are left to wonder how it all went so, so wrong

On Friday, Rapper and Fyre Fest co-organizer Ja Rule offered his apologies in a statement posted to Twitter.

— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) April 28, 2017

The apology address accusations that the festival is a scam, (“NOT A SCAM” he says) and noted that he is truly apologetic even though — in his mind — this really isn’t his fault.

“I truly apologize as this is NOT MY FAULT… but I’m taking responsibility,” he wrote. Read more…

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